Real-time Neuropsychological Evaluations

We conduct Real-time Neuropsychological Evaluations to strengthen your understanding of your child. Together, we identify goals, delineate strengths and weaknesses, and provide strategies to support your child’s development. We provide feedback throughout the evaluation, tailor the procedures to your needs, and develop a clear written report that combines your input, your child’s perspective, and our findings to forge a clear path forward.

Mindful Concentration

We offer a series of classes (in our office and in schools) to help kids, teens, families, and young adults achieve greater mental focus. With practice, these methods become an extremely valuable tool to improve attention, self-control, and overall centeredness.

Admissions Testing

Admissions testing is often required by independent schools. In one session, we administer and score the requested tests, and provide you and your child feedback about the results. We finalize a written report describing your child’s cognitive profile – thus providing the schools with additional information to determine if their setting is a good fit for your child.


We offer consultations to explore the need for a neuropsychological evaluation, clarify the results of a previous evaluation, monitor your child’s progress, assess the impact of a specific intervention, or identify appropriate next steps.