We offer consultations to:

  • Determine if your child would benefit from an evaluation.
  • Discuss the findings of a previous assessment.
  • Translate an existing report into language that your child understands.
  • Establish the need for supplemental testing.
  • Ensure that your child is receiving the proper cognitive, academic, and emotional support.
  • Provide recommendations for appropriate interventions.
  • Monitor the development of specific skills (e.g., reading, attention, visual tracking).
  • Evaluate the effects of medication and other treatments.
  • Confirm or clarify a specific diagnosis.


Depending on your specific needs, we may:

  • Discuss your child’s history and review appropriate records.
  • Communicate with other professionals working with your child.
  • Administer measures of cognitive, academic, and/or behavioral/emotional functions.
  • Present results in real time when additional testing is required.
  • Prepare a written report.


We also offer...