Neuropsychological Evaluations


We conduct Real-time Neuropsychological Evaluations™ – evaluations that are interactive and clear, and provide feedback in real time. Throughout, we encourage students and their families to take an active role thereby creating a collaborative, enriching, and lasting experience.

To accomplish this, we…

  • Meet to discuss your observations, clarify goals, and ensure that we can help.
  • Review all records and get feedback from teachers.
  • Conduct the testing (two 4-hour sessions). The assessment includes measures of intelligence, academic achievement, cognitive abilities, and behavioral/emotional functions. Each evaluation is tailored to the student’s individual needs. We use standard procedures, but select the specific measures based on real time results.
  • Share results with the students and their families as we gather the information.
  • Review findings in depth and identify the next steps.
  • Prepare a written report that is clear and easy to read, and details all the findings and recommendations.


We also offer...



Evaluations for college and graduate students.