Real-Time Neuropsychological Evaluations™

We believe that embracing your strengths and challenges is the key to personal growth. To facilitate this process, we provide real-time feedback as a unique feature of our evaluations. This allows us to tailor the procedures to your needs and leads to a more meaningful and impactful experience. We include your family in the entire process, and value your questions and comments during the sessions. We aspire to understand and fully appreciate your child, and integrate their perspective, your observations, and our findings to forge a clear path forward.

To accomplish this, we work in teams of two (a pediatric neuropsychologist and a master’s level psychology associate) and:

  • Meet to discuss your observations and clarify your goals
  • Assess cognitive abilities, academic skills, and behavioral/emotional functions
  • Select specific measures based on observations, questions, and results
  • Share our results immediately as we gather the information
  • Review all the findings and identify next steps during a separate feedback session
  • Combining everyone’s input, we prepare a clear, concise, and easy to read written report that details our findings and recommendations
  • Remain available for long-term follow-up consultations

When evaluating children, we

  • Talk with them about the process, and when feasible, discuss their perceived strengths and vulnerabilities and help them clarify what they want to learn from the evaluation
  • Include measures to address their questions
  • Share our results with them in ways they can understand

In addition to traditional neuropsychological measures, we have been incorporating virtual reality to assess attention, learning, memory, and executive functions. We have found that this technology provides a more accurate prediction of our students’ performance in real-life situations.

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Evaluations for college and graduate students.


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