Successing Online

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In collaboration with the Essig Education Group we have created a joint, 3-tier online program to help high school and college students successfully launch their academic journeys. The components of this program must be followed in sequence.

Focused, remote neuropsychological testing 

  • Assess cognitive abilities (IQ, language, attention, executive functions)
  • Determine mastery of academic skills and academic fluency
  • Recognize any emotional or behavioral roadblocks
  • Identify strengths and challenges
  • Delineate supports needed for success

Two online supportive sessions

  • Review results directly with the student
  • Relate the findings of the neuropsychological evaluation to daily life
  • Help them appreciate their challenges within the context of their strengths
  • Practice communicating their needs and advocating for themselves
  • Help them forget a path forward with renewed strength

Four virtual executive function coaching sessions 

  • Strengthen planning, organization, time-management, prioritizing, and efficiency skills
  • Identify strategies that match the student’s learning styles
  • Discover available resources at their academic institution
  • Help them make good academic and life choices
  • Reinforce skills needed to achieve independence


successing feature