What does an evaluation encompass?

First, we meet with you for an intake interview (for approximately 1 hour) to review your child’s history and any questions you want to address during the evaluation.

Then, we meet with your child for the actual testing sessions. For students ages 8 to adult, we schedule two days of testing and, when evaluating younger children, we divide the testing into three sessions. We also talk to other professionals working with your child and send you and your child’s teachers a set of behavioral questionnaires to learn about your child’s performance across school and home settings.

In addition to the feedback you receive during the sessions, we schedule a separate feedback session at the end of the evaluation to review the results (approximately 1 hour). We will give your child feedback during the testing sessions and sometimes schedule a separate session (approximately 30 minutes) to review our findings.

Finally, we will prepare a written report summarizing our results and including recommendations for home and school settings.

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